Public Speaking

F. H. Benzakour is a true leader and captain of the hospitality industry. He has been described as a bold visionary, innovator and entrepreneur with a passion for cultivating people and cultures. He is legendary for his uncanny ability to turn things around, demonstrating unwavering leadership in times of turmoil and possessing remarkable insight that always seems to place him lightyears ahead of the curve. F. H. has been in the trenches and has the stories and scars to prove it, whether forging his own startup or taking the reins of a property in peril. Benzakour is at the forefront of defining corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, mentoring, inspirational servant leadership and even sustainable business practices. When you’re ready to think outside the boss, bring F. H. Benzakour to keynote or facilitate at your organization.

“One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.”
Dennis A. Peer

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